About Us

Explore exciting AI Careers with Getin AI: Your Gateway to the Future of Work. 

Connect with leading AI companies and discover a world of opportunities in the fast-evolving field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

We are a small team of job board builders with combined work experience of over 30 years building niche job boards and a passion for AI.

Why Getin.ai? A unique solution to a growing need. 

Back in 2023, we noticed that there needed to be a dedicated platform to find a job in a 100% AI-focused company. We're not talking about large corporations with peripheral data science departments; we're focusing on the heart of AI innovation. 

We also notice that the industry is too hard for people to get jobs. It sounds too technical. Most people assume you need a Ph.D. to work in an AI company. Getin AI is here to debunk this myth, showcasing roles beyond technical expertise. Our platform offers a diverse range of AI opportunities for all professionals, including:

  • Marketing and Sales of AI services
  • Business Development and Partnerships for AI startups
  • Product Management in AI
  • Remote and part-time roles like Data Labeling and Model Training

This is why we decided to start Getin. AI—to offer the most interesting, curated AI jobs from startups and established companies building AI products. We are also committed to educating you about the AI industry. Our platform offers insights into various roles, requirements, career growth paths, and practical tips on securing a job in AI. 

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of a dynamic AI career? Visit our job search and discover curated jobs from the latest startups and companies building machine learning, data science, generative AI, robotics and computer vision products. 

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