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1010data specializes in transforming data into actionable knowledge, empowering customers to make insightful decisions that optimize outcomes. With over 20 years of experience, 1010data caters to various industries, including retail, consumer brands, capital markets, and other alternate sectors. For retailers, 1010data offers a Retail Analytics Suite that provides timely and accurate data to help businesses drive growth, especially during periods of change. This suite allows retailers to proactively identify shifting shopper needs and respond in real time. Additionally, 1010data emphasizes the importance of partner collaboration, enabling organizations to extend the value of their data beyond their own operations. Consumer brands can also benefit from 1010data's services, as the company provides tools to analyze brand performance and consumer behavior, allowing brands to respond quickly to the market and stay ahead of the competition. The company's proprietary Insights Platform is an end-to-end solution that offers speed, power, and flexibility to analytical workflows. This platform is designed to manage the growth of business-critical data."
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