About Us

1st Edge is a forward-thinking company specializing in developing cutting-edge AI technologies, primarily serving the Department of Defense (DoD). Established in 2011, 1st Edge has made a name for itself as a small business provider that has won multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards across Phases I, II, and III, indicating a solid track record of innovation and reliability. The company is deeply committed to an employee-centered approach, believing that nurturing a healthy and collaborative culture is critical to attracting top talent and producing high-quality work. This philosophy is reflected in their intentional strategy, which balances employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and efficient back-office support. Co-founder Tim McCarter has been instrumental in shaping the company's culture, striving to create a non-toxic work environment that values every employee's contribution. His vision has helped 1st Edge become a respected and caring employer. Tim enjoys quality time with his family when not engaged in developing AI for national defense. Vice President and co-founder Nathan Claburn leads the AI technology development at 1st Edge. With over two decades of software engineering experience within the DoD, Nathan's roots in Alabama's engineering community have influenced his commitment to fostering a company where employees can excel.