About Us

AE Studio is a development, data science, and design studio specializing in custom software, machine learning, and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) solutions. They focus on turning complex business challenges into innovative tech solutions using agile methodologies and advanced technologies. AE Studio collaborates closely with founders and executives, boasting a team of top-tier developers, Ph.D. data scientists, and designers. Their work encompasses a range of areas, including software development, blockchain, data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, product design, user research, neurotechnology consulting, and AI alignment. They also engage in R&D, content creation, and incubating skunkworks projects. Employee benefits at AE Studio include a multi-company equity plan, where equity from client projects and incubated skunkworks is shared. Employees also have opportunities to become founders of internal startups. The company values remote work, flexible schedules, and a highly collaborative environment. They emphasize clean code and agile methodologies in their operations. AE Studio also organizes company retreats and offers a supportive, growth-focused work culture, adhering to core values such as a growth mindset, effective communication, and an ownership mentality.