About Us

Agot is a pioneering company that specializes in deploying cutting-edge computer vision AI technology specifically designed for the food service industry. Their mission is to transform restaurant operations and empower frontline food workers to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Agot's vision is to become the world's leading human-centric computer vision technology provider. The company's innovative AI solutions are purpose-built to address the unique challenges of food service. Agot has developed a comprehensive platform that utilizes a single hardware stack to tackle the industry's most pressing operational pain points. This platform is location and layout-agnostic, allowing for seamless scalability across different brand units, ensuring that the technology can be implemented with minimal disruption and maximum impact. Agot's leadership team is comprised of individuals with impressive backgrounds and expertise. Co-founder and CEO Evan DeSantola is a product visionary with a solid technical background, including experience at SpaceX, DE Shaw, and national labs. It is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. Co-founder and CTO Alex Litzenberger is known for his innovative problem-solving skills and has conducted extensive deep-learning research, some of which was presented at the World Economic Forum.