AssemblyAI (YC S17)

AssemblyAI (YC S17)


Tech Stack:

AWS Ansible DevOps Google Cloud Kubernetes Terraform C# C/C++ Go Java JavaScript Python SQL noSQL Django RESTful API Airflow DBT API Datadog ELK Grafana Jira Prometheus Scala C

Employer Benefits: Benefits offered:

1. Competitive Salary: All roles and locations offer competitive salaries.
2. Home Office Stipend: A stipend of U$1,000 for new team members to set up their home office.
3. Equity: Generous equity grants to team members for long-term investment in the company.
4. Premium Benefit Offerings: Includes premium medical, dental, and vision plans, covering up to 100% of premiums for employees and their families. Options for HSA or FSA, short-term and long-term disability coverage, and life insurance are available.
5. Unlimited PTO: Flexible Paid Time Off policy for team members to relax and recharge.
6. Team Offsites: Company-wide retreats for team building and collaboration in various locations.
7. Global Remote Team: Hiring the best candidates regardless of location, supporting a remote-first culture.
8. Diversity and Inclusion: Commitment to creating an inclusive environment and being an equal-opportunity workplace.
9. Flexible Schedule: Emphasis on mutual trust and accountability, offering flexibility in work schedules for optimal performance.

About Us

AssemblyAI, founded in 2017, is a leading company in Speech AI technology. They specialize in Speech AI models to transform voice data into actionable insights. Their technology includes accurate speech-to-text conversion, speaker detection, sentiment analysis, chapter detection, and PII redaction. Aimed at democratizing Speech AI, AssemblyAI caters to diverse customers, including enterprises and developers, helping them build innovative AI products with voice data. The company, backed by a recent $50M Series C funding, focuses on continuous improvement and state-of-the-art advancements in Automatic Speech Recognition and related technologies. Their API allows easy integration for developers to transcribe and analyze voice data efficiently, supporting various applications in real time. AssemblyAI is committed to advancing the field of Speech AI and making it accessible for wide-ranging uses across industries.