About Us

Augury is an AI-driven company specializing in Machine Health and Process Health solutions, empowering manufacturers with insights into machine, process, and operational health. Founded in 2011 by Gal Shaul and Saar Yoskovitz in Israel, Augury has grown significantly, becoming a unicorn in 2021 with $180 million Series E funding. The company aims to transform how people work and create using purpose-built AI trained by industry experts and the world's most extensive data library. Augury's solutions aim to eliminate production downtime, enhance process efficiency, maximize yield, and reduce waste and emissions, boasting a global customer base that often achieves 3-10x ROI within months. For job seekers, Augury offers a people-first environment where employees work on meaningful, impactful projects. The company values personal growth, embracing challenges, and a culture of questioning assumptions. Augury provides a hybrid working environment, fostering a balance between work and personal life. Employees at Augury appreciate the company's commitment to authenticity, continuous learning, and the opportunity to make a real-world impact.