About Us

Brain Corp is a pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, dedicated to transforming the way organizations operate by automating core operations with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Since its inception in 2009, Brain Corp has been at the forefront of developing BrainOS®, a leading autonomy platform that drives robotic and AI applications at scale. This platform enables fully autonomous robots to be deployed with advanced analytics and operations management services, enhancing safety and productivity across various commercial spaces. The company offers solutions, including the BrainOS® Sense Suite for automated, accurate inventory management and the BrainOS® Clean Suite for autonomous, safe commercial cleaning. These solutions ensure products are accurately placed on shelves, optimize environmental hygiene with intelligent floor cleaning robots, and allow for efficient remote site management through virtual tours. Brain Corp's technology is revolutionizing retail, warehouses, education, airports, malls, healthcare, and hospitality industries. In retail, for example, Brain Corp's advanced inventory tracking and floor care solutions transform shopping experiences, while in healthcare, they enhance sanitary conditions for healing environments. The company's success is highlighted by its significant milestones, such as deploying the world's largest fleet of AMRs and partnering with major brands like Walmart and Sam's.