Tech Stack:

C C++ AWS Azure Bash DevOps Git Kubernetes Python Terraform

Employer Benefits: Here is a summary of the benefits offered:

1. Competitive Pay: Financial compensation is industry-competitive.
2. Unlimited PTO: No fixed limit on vacation days.
3. Healthcare Benefits: Comprehensive health coverage is provided.
4. Stock Options: Opportunity to own a company's part through stock options.
5. 100% Paid Benefits for Employees: All employee benefits are fully covered.
6. 3% 401(k) Match: Employer matches 3% of contributions to the 401(k) retirement plan.
7. 10 Paid Holidays: Employees receive pay for ten specified holidays.
8. Paid Life Insurance: Life insurance is provided with premiums paid by the employer.
9. Employee Assistance Program: Support services available for employee wellbeing.
10. Flexible Work Environment: Adaptability in the work setting to accommodate different needs.

About Us

Fort Robotics, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in safety and security platforms for autonomous systems and machines. They developed a Robotics Control Platform (RCP) that ensures the secure and controlled operation of robotic fleets. Fort Robotics' technology is essential in various sectors, including construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and mining, providing products like vehicle safety systems, endpoint controllers, wireless e-stop systems, and remote control devices. The company emphasizes the importance of secure communications in robotics, combining functional safety and cybersecurity principles to enable trusted machine communication over any network. Fort Robotics is dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of autonomous systems, facilitating their seamless integration across industries.