About Us

Fyusion is a visual intelligence company revolutionizing how we perceive the world, particularly in the automotive industry. Their innovative approach combines software, imaging technology, sensors, and services to derive valuable insights from visual data. The cornerstone of Fyusion's offerings is their AI-based Lightfield Information Suite (ALIS), which powers all their products, enabling the creation of stunning 3D images and providing deep AI understanding to simplify complex processes. Founded in 2014 by a team of computer vision and artificial intelligence researchers—Radu B. Rusu, Stefan J.J. Holzer, Stephen D. Miller, and Pantelis Kalogiros—Fyusion set out to overcome the limitations of 2D data reliance by developing 3D file formats and software that mimic the human eye's three-dimensional assessment of the world. This led to the creation of a new file format, .fyuse, allowing the capture of 3D images with common smartphones and the development of ALIS. This scalable AI platform analyzes 3D images in real time.