About Us

Kasisto is a pioneering company in the financial technology sector, specializing in providing AI-powered digital solutions to enhance the banking experience. Their flagship products include the KAI Platform, KAI-GPT, KAI Answers, and Intelligent Digital Assistants, all designed to support smart financial decisions and promote financial wellness. The KAI Platform is the backbone of Kasisto's offerings, enabling financial institutions to leverage advanced conversational AI technology. This platform ensures customers have real-time, consistent, and unique experiences anytime and through any channel. KAI-GPT and KAI Answers enhance these interactions by providing sophisticated language processing capabilities that facilitate natural and intuitive communication between banks and their customers. Kasisto's solutions are utilized by various financial entities, from global financial institutions and regional banks to community banks and credit unions. Their technology has facilitated millions of financial conversations in multiple languages and is accessible to millions of consumers worldwide. Kasisto's reach extends to 16 countries, showcasing the global impact of their innovative products. Founded in 2013 with roots in the Stanford Research Institute, Kasisto has a rich history of innovation. Notable milestones include the launch of the first AI-powered digital employee, Olivia, by Liv Bank in 2018.