About Us

Plato Systems is an AI-driven company specializing in spatial intelligence for manufacturing operations. Their technology digitizes the movement of people, assets, and equipment in manufacturing environments, providing actionable insights for operations teams. Plato Systems' Spatial Intelligence platform is a unique solution that combines a zero-contact spatial data sensor, a sophisticated cloud platform with unlimited data interconnectivity, and an Insights Module for generating custom metrics. The platform is designed to increase facility performance, root cause trends in utilization data, and generate meaningful insights by aggregating various data sources. Plato Systems offers solutions for production optimization, training and development, and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliance. Their system enables operations advisors to increase capacity by 10-30% in 4-8 weeks without adding capital or labor. They address challenges like incorrect or incomplete data, lack of actionable insights from self-reported data, and difficulty sustaining recommendations. The company provides services across various operating environments, including semiconductor fabrication, PCB assembly, test and integration, aerospace and defense, casting and forging, and contract manufacturing. Their solutions are particularly effective for root-causing gaps in shift productivity, as demonstrated by their work for TDK Components USA.