About Us

Recycleye is a forward-thinking company dedicated to transforming the world's waste into valuable resources. With a mission to deliver more profitable materials recovery, Recycleye provides robust, reliable, and effective sorting technology that serves as a trusted partner for the waste and materials management sectors. Their innovative solutions are designed to sort waste streams faster, smarter, and reliably, ensuring that the cost of sorting is outweighed by the value of the resources recovered. The company offers cutting-edge products such as Recycleye Robotics and Recycleye Airjets, which are part of their commitment to modernizing and optimizing Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). These technologies are quick and easy to retrofit and cost-effective, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their sorting operations. Recycleye's unique research in WasteNet and its partnership with FANUC in the UK highlight its dedication to innovation and collaboration in waste sorting. The company is already impacting installations across Europe and the United States, increasing the purity and output of sorted materials. For those interested in the potential of automation to optimize plant operations, Recycleye stands out as a leader and innovator. The company provides ongoing end-to-end support.