About Us

Refuel Cloud is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how businesses handle their data, specifically tailored for machine learning (ML) teams. This platform, powered by large language models (LLMs), offers tools for labeling, cleaning, and enriching data, which is essential for creating accurate and efficient AI systems. Refuel Cloud's services include entity resolution, transaction categorization, information extraction, product catalog enrichment, and content moderation. At the helm of Refuel Cloud are co-founders Rishabh Bhargava and Nihit Desai, who bring a wealth of experience from their previous roles in scaling ML and data infrastructure. Rishabh Bhargava, the CEO, has a computer science and artificial intelligence background from prestigious institutions like Stanford and Cambridge. He has also contributed to the growth of companies such as Primer.ai and Datacoral. Nihit Desai, the CTO, has led ML teams at Facebook and boasts an impressive academic record from Stanford, UIUC, and IIT-Madras. The team at Refuel Cloud is composed of software engineers with diverse and rich experiences from companies like Uber, DeepMind, Amazon Robotics, Cloudera, and more.