Tech Stack:

JavaScript Python API AWS Google Cloud Kubernetes Terraform Microservices MongoDB Node.js React SQL Next.js Typescript Azure C++ Go Java MySQL Postgres Redis Bash Git Jira Lightning CSS HTML WEbpack EC2 Spark Linux

Employer Benefits: Here is a summary of the benefits offered:

1. Health & Wellbeing:
- Comprehensive health coverage, including dental and vision insurance.
- Mental healthcare services.
- Flexible PTO policies and accommodating schedules for rest and recharging.
- Regional variations to cater to the unique needs of employees globally.

2. Personal & Career Growth:
- Emphasis on comprehensive health coverage, including dental and vision.
- Access to mental healthcare services.
- Flexible PTO and schedules to facilitate personal time off.
- Tailored benefits depending on regional requirements.

3. Building Scale Community:
- Openness to having guests in the office, including family and friends of employees.
- Opportunities to participate in local happy hours, game nights, book clubs, and employee-led community events.

4. Parental Support:
- Recognition of the importance of balancing work and family life.
- Adequate leave policies to support a healthy balance between home and work responsibilities.

About Us

Scale AI, founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, specializes in developing data platforms for AI applications. They offer solutions for retail, e-commerce, defense, logistics, and autonomous vehicles. Scale AI provides a data engine for annotating, curating, collecting data, and training and evaluating models. Their platform includes enterprise generative AI, AI solutions for the defense sector, and significant language model applications. Trusted by leading companies, Scale AI delivers end-to-end solutions to manage the entire machine learning lifecycle, accelerating AI application development through high-quality data.
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