About Us

SkySpecs is a forward-thinking company dedicated to making renewable energy the most efficient source in the world. With a focus on the renewable energy sector, particularly wind and solar, SkySpecs offers services and products to enhance the operation and maintenance of renewable energy assets (O&M). Their solutions include inspections that capture consistent, high-quality data about blade damage to minimize downtime and blade services that provide scalable, actionable insights for blade O&M strategies. The company also offers tech-enabled drivetrain services to support teams in their journey to self-perform maintenance and repairs. Their performance monitoring system provides automated and holistic analysis of significant component health. At the same time, their financial asset management services offer clients precise insights into the financial health of their renewable energy projects. SkySpecs emphasizes the importance of strategic, long-term asset management and comprehensive data synthesis, analysis, and connectivity to meet net-zero targets by 2050. They aim to address industry challenges by lowering maintenance costs and streamlining renewable asset management with industry-leading technology. This approach helps customers maximize the value of their businesses. The SkySpecs team, with experience across engineering, AI development, and the C-suite, partners closely with customers to understand and solve problems. They are driven to innovate and simplify complex data from disparate sources.