About Us

Snorkel AI is a pioneering company in data-centric artificial intelligence (AI), offering a platform called Snorkel Flow that significantly accelerates the development of AI applications. Their innovative approach allows businesses to programmatically label and curate data essential for fine-tuning AI models, including large language models (LLMs), at a speed 100 times faster than traditional methods. This process is known as programmatic labeling and is a cornerstone of their technology. The company's products cater to various industries, including banking, healthcare, government, insurance, and telecom, providing tailored solutions such as document classification, named entity recognition, information extraction, conversational AI, and sentiment analysis. These applications are designed to enhance customer interactions, manage risks, speed up clinical trials, improve patient outcomes, detect fraud, and more, leveraging the power of AI to solve domain-specific challenges. Snorkel AI's foundation was laid in the Stanford AI Lab in 2015 by Alex Ratner, Chris Re, Paroma Varma, Braden Hancock, and Henry Ehrenberg. They focused on addressing the critical bottleneck of lacking labeled training data for AI, which led to developing the Snorkel research project and over 60 peer-reviewed publications.
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