About Us

Viva Translate is a Palo Alto-based company specializing in translation and localization, aiming to build a future of work without language barriers. With a team of 11-50 employees, Viva Translate offers a venture-backed, workplace-specific multilingual audio transcription and translation product. This innovative service allows for real-time transcription and translation of video calls across English, Spanish, and Portuguese, facilitating seamless video conferences with stakeholders of different languages. The meeting notes are transcribed, translated, and summarized, enhancing productivity and communication in a multilingual work environment. The company's website, vivatranslate.com, provides further information about its services, which include language service, machine translation, productivity, and language access. Viva Translate is a privately held company that has raised a seed funding round of US$ 4.0M as of December 2021. Among the team members are Tim Sae Koo, a heart-centered founder, angel investor, retreat facilitator, and psychonaut explorer; Andrew Vigneault, an entrepreneur and investor; Adrian Carabias, an entrepreneur and angel investor with experience at Google and OYO; and Derek M.H. Hung, who is involved in AI research at Viva Translate.