About Us

Voxel Labs, Inc. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to enhancing workplace safety using artificial intelligence and robotics. With a clear mission to protect the people who power our world, Voxel is committed to creating new standards for safety and sustainability that shield workers from harm in various industries, including warehousing, retail, manufacturing, and ports. The company's products focus on critical areas such as ergonomics, environmental safety, vehicle safety, and personal protective equipment (PPE) detection. By simplifying the complexities of chaotic work environments into precise, actionable data, Voxel's platform aims to prevent injuries and ensure that employees return home safely after their shifts. This proactive approach to safety is a shift from the traditional reactive methods that only address hazards after an accident. Operations Lead Brian Benson emphasizes the life-saving potential of Voxel's software application, which captures incidents and significantly reduces workplace injuries and risky behaviors. The app's simplicity and effectiveness have garnered customer appreciation, as it helps to condense and clarify workplace safety data.